Bremerton Bridge blast 

This year was the first year for a fireworks show off the Manette Bridge in Bremerton ….and wow, what a great night.  

We happened to be down at the Bremerton marina during the day which was hosting many guests. We had fun befriending the very social & fun “West Seattle Yacht club”.   The boardwalk hosted live music and food vendors,  then off to Manette where businesses were open all day.  Manette & downtown neighborhoods and homes were hosting lively parties.   Our lucky viewpoint was from a friends waterfront condo, a stones throw from the bridge.  

Great weather, a perfectly executed fireworks show along with a sprinkling of anchored boats on the water made for a pretty magical evening.   

 Way to go Bremerton.  Looking forward to next year.  

#bremertonbridgeblast  #manette #downtownbremerton #bremertonliving #fireworks #bridgeblast

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