Bringing back the dinner party!

The Scene


Recently, I hosted a dinner party with a group of friends.  Entertaining can be fun and doesn’t have to be stressful.  The fun part for me is decorating and creating an interesting  cocktail.  I’m an ok cook however….my advice is,  know what you’re good at,  delegate the rest.   Keep it easy.   This particular dinner party was with a group of girlfriends, so I asked everyone to bring something and they were happy to do it.  I had each friend volunteer for an item.  We had a couple wonderful salads, side dishes, a roasted tri-tip, and a beautiful dessert.  I made the champagne cocktails and handed them out upon my guests arrival .   There was plenty of wine too,  so, you know,  the essentials were covered.

Adding a theme can make it fun.    Since this was a ladies only dinner party,  I wanted to add pink,  in particular,  some vintage pink glass cake plates and vase that I had been unable to really add into any other occasion.  So our theme was ” Pink at night, ladies delight”.    The ladies loved it.  It was fall , so I picked up some pumpkins and gourds and spray painted them rose gold & pink , added some fresh eucalyptus, added candles and voila!  It was easy and fun to create,  and the bonus was I was able to re-use some of the same items for Thanksgiving a week or so later.

A dear friend captured the evening, her photos are below.  Wendy Dreaney Photography


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