“Elixir Fixer” your party’s new best friend is coming to Manette.

So….when you are the outgoing creative type , a former chef , with an entrepreneurial spirit who’s been a stay at home dad the last 15 years and ready for your next big move, what do you do?     Well…. if you are Jim Higgins, you create a  “party in a bottle” and get to work.

Since the inception of “Elixir Fixer” Jim has been working non stop to bring his idea to life. He created the product, brought it to our local market, and is now working to distribute it on a large scale…….and that’s all happened like in the last 6 months or so.

The need for a warehouse space drew Jim to Manette , where he is transforming a retail/warehouse space into a beautiful showroom.  The space will have many functions, warehouse, retail and Jim’s office for starters.   The larger scale plan includes creating a place to share and teach …..the craft of cocktails & mocktails, how to plan a super awesome party, private tastings, and in the end be a family friendly place that ultimately brings the community together.

It’s evident that his creative side is on fire right now when you look at the space he’s bringing to life while also launching 3 new flavors to the collection.

What a treat for Bremerton and also for the Manette  business district which is blossoming into a diverse and wonderful little hub of excitement these days.  Jim plans to have his storefront open by month’s end, but in the mean time, he is working tirelessly to bring it to life, stop by and say hello.

Follow his progress on Facebook by clicking here.


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  1. Jim Higgins · July 14, 2016

    Thanks Carol Sue, it was so fun to show you around today, visit anytime. Cheers. -Jim

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