Waterfront Living in Bremerton


Bremerton is lucky, it has so much front footage of waterfront with channels, inlets and bays.  Living here with a view of our waterfront is a real treat, you see wildlife, kayakers, the early morning water skier, and the boats heading into Oyster bay to raft up for the hot days of summer.

If you live along the shores of Ostrich Bay or Oyster Bay , it is very social.   I attended “Beach Friday” an open house of sorts,  where a local gal hosts her friends and friends of friends to her beach in the summer.  You see lots of multi-colored beach chairs lined up, floaty’s and boats anchored about.   Last night I was picked up by a neighbor for an evening boat ride which resulted in us anchoring at “beach Friday” for a while. This night on the beach included ladies in the colorful beach chairs,  folks standing in the water talking, several boats tied up, a family arriving by kayak, a couple dogs….there was a lot of fun chatter, laughter and warmth as the sun set, it could not have been more perfect.

Oyster Bay has its own vibe and attracts boaters and skiers from all around.    On any summer day there will be  boats of all sizes rafted together, the occasional motor yacht anchored and of course,  water skiers.  You’ll see many families out pulling their kids on inter tubes,   fun islands afloat and more.   The boaters are friendly , they all wave to each other and are there to share a beer or tow you home if you’ve run out of gas.

Being on a boat in Bremerton also gives you the opportunity to tie up to a local dock  and find a bite to eat.  There are a couple choices now.  Hands down the local favorite is the Boat Shed,  its the only waterfront restaurant with its own dock.  Sitting on that deck, on a hot summer night watching the sunset over the Olympics cannot be beat.  My personal favorite to eat there is the steamed clams with lots of bread with a glass of “buttery oaky” Chardonnay.  With the Bremerton Marina now an easy tie up, you can walk up to Anthony’s or several of the small eateries downtown.

Lastly, Bremerton waterfront is really the last “affordable” waterfront around.  Beach cottages and waterfront homes start in the mid 300’s up to high 600’s on average.

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photo credits to Matt Mason, Danielle Walsh, Jordan Rogers



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