New Chimacum ferry makes her debut


chimicum ferry

This morning,  Bremerton commuters got to enjoy the newest Olympic class ferry named  “Chimacum”  on her maiden voyage into downtown Seattle.  So many Bremerton and Kitsap residents rely on the ferries to get into the city for work every day.  The ferries at peak commute times can be very full.  The Kitsap and the Kaleetan have been on this run for many years and like any boat has had their mechanical issues.  The new boat wasn’t quite ready for her debut yet but due to the shortage and a holiday weekend, they put her into service today.  The galley isn’t up and running yet so tonight passengers on their way home won’t be able to enjoy their usual beer or glass of wine but I guess thats coming soon. The other feedback I heard was “where is the makeup counter” … I did hear some say it had the “new car smell”.

Lots of these commuters are anxious for the “fast ferry” passenger only service to start in July.  Those boats only hold a limited amount of passengers, I believe around 120.  This route will take just 28 minutes and give many commuters much needed personal time back into their day.   Exciting times Bremerton…stay tuned.


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