Kettle Generosity


I have rang the bell through my service group in the past and that has always been a fun tradition however I hadn’t ever volunteered to count.  I was asked to put together a group of friends and sign up for a night in December.  Our group of ten or so arrived at the Salvation Army around 7:45 last night as the kettles were being brought in from all over the county.

As we began to get our kettles ready,  we were given a brief coaching on the process.  We all began to open our kettles and begin the counting  when around the table we started to hear…”there’s a check in mine”, followed by a cheer.  “I’ve got a twenty!” ..cheer!  Dollars, fives and change are the most common donation,  but the occasional twenty or hundred would also get our crowd roaring with excitement.   As we proceeded through our 40 some odd kettles that night, one of our volunteers found a bank envelope in one of the kettles.  No name, just a date and a large cash donation….clapping and cheers ring out!!  This was an exciting moment not only to find an envelope with a substantial amount of cash in it, but to find that this donor had done this three times yesterday, in three different locations through out the county. Opening a kettle with one of these envelopes inside felt like winning the lotto!

What struck our group  the most was the heart of this donor, no recognition for his donation, no tax deduction, just the pure and simple happiness it must have brought him  or her to donate.  Our community is generous.  It’s generous with its resources, it’s time and it’s talent.  Last night, again, I felt lucky to be part of this community, this family,  that takes care of one another.  The holiday spirit was in full force and I was lucky enough to bear witness to it.

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If you’d like to donate or volunteer your time, please contact our local Salvation Army for more information.

Salvation Army Bremerton




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