Kitsap Fresh launches in Bremerton


If you are looking to eat more farm fresh local grown organic foods and support local, the opportunity just became easier for us in Bremerton.  Kitsap Fresh, an online farmers market, hosts a site where you can shop local and support our community farmers and artisans.  The volunteer run program set up at CJ’s Evergreen market last night where you could sample foods and meet venders.  When you place your first order, they ask for a nominal fee to support the organization with varying rates depending on whether you’d like to volunteer time. Once you register, there is a simple drop down menu where you can shop. I believe that the venders post their goods late Thursday night, you may have to act quick.   There is no minimum order.  The following week, it’s delivered to CJ’s Evergreen market for pick up.  Super simple. There are about 28 vendors which include dairy, baked goods, coffee, seafood and more.

When you visit the Kitsap Fresh website, you can click on the links to their vendors.  Here are the links for more information.  You can also find them on Facebook.



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