Green Mountain Day hike

Living in Bremerton gives you an advantage when it comes to opportunities for local day hikes.  In lieu of the drive up to one of the many trails in the Olympic National forest, we opted the other day to drive out to Green Mountain, about 20 minutes from town.  There are multiple access points, the gold creek trailhead is a great one.  The day we went it happened to be closed due to logging, however you don’t have to let that stop you.  We turned around and parked at the access road about a 1 mile before the trailhead on Lake Tahuya Rd. and just “hiked” the logging road.  While this is a well maintained logging road, once to the top you enjoy some great vistas to the west with the Olympics in full view. My fit-bit reported roughly 6 miles roundtrip and the elevation gave us a rewarding workout.  Once to the top, we found ourselves leaving the road and climbing up a recently treed hill to get a broader vista, this brought the  Hood Canal into view, we found a log to sit on to enjoy lunch and take in the beauty.


Here is the link to the regular trailhead.  Taking this hike you’ll be rewarded with east views of Bremerton and Seattle.

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