“Virtual” Amuse – Bouche

Covid has sure forced us all into a new way of life. For many, our new life of quarantine and stay home orders have inspired imaginative and innovative ways to still connect and create.

Like so many things that happen in our town , it always starts with someone who knows someone that knows someone…..and this was no exception.

I received a text from a friend asking ….would I be interested in a virtual French cooking class with a chef hosting and teaching out of a Chateau in Ardeche France? Well…let me check my calendar……duh, of course, this sounds amazing!!

While Isabelle, our chef , was a halfway across the globe 9 hours ahead, 4 Bremerton kitchens were beginning prep at 9:30 am our time. We had received our shopping list prior…acorn squash….a raw vanilla bean?….I knew right away that I was in for not only a great new learning experience but also a new taste experience.

Isabelle who was raised in Ardeche shares her passion for healthy cooking with her daughter Margaux, who while raised locally here on Bainbridge, has now joined her mother in Ardeche where she uses her love of organic and healthy nutrition to educate others on the culture she feels most connected.

Our four course meal was a vegetarian delight and made for a lovely meal that was hearty, with the scent of fall, and it beautifully plated for a nice lunch that day. Our small group had a wonderful shared experience and enjoyed connecting with our neighboring kitchens virtually.

The meal courses were as follows:
Faux Gras – A lentil & mushroom base pate with hints of rosemary.
Honey roasted squash with warm kale– Acorn squash roasted with fresh herbs served over lightly sauteed kale.
Classic french onion soup – served with crostini bread & gruyere
Chocolate poached pears – warm pear drizzled with freshly made chocolate sauce. Bon Appetit!

Below are photos from some of the kitchens that participated as well as information for Isabelle & Margaux our hosts. Photos taken by our good friend, French travel guru & organizer of this magical day…Wendy Dreaney.



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