Bridging Bremerton

“The Bridges” is a popular walk for many Bremerton residents.

Our local Kitsap Sun reporter and community hero, Josh Farley, is hosting three walks today on this loop which is roughly 3 miles.

This morning I joined in on the first walk which was the “early bird” focusing on our urban wildlife. We started at the 9/11 Memorial and walked through Evergreen Park , passed the “face” , which I’ve never noticed before and found ourselves at the Rota Vista Park. This is where you can see the largest colony of pelagic cormorants living under the Warren Ave bridge. There is also a pair of nesting Falcons.

The walk went over the Warren bridge and along lower Wheaton way past the old Bay bowl and Schley Canyon to the Art Walls which were already being transformed into the next display.

We finished at the Domstad Park for a history lesson about Manette and the first bridge.

This walk was a wonderful community gathering. It was was fun to hear from other locals, their own personal stories of growing up here. As a third generation Bremerton girl myself, I was thrilled to learn more about my home town.

Thank you to Josh for organizing this event and bringing us all together for a shared appreciation of our beautiful city.

If you can catch one of the later walks, I encourage you to do so.

8:00 Early Bird

10:30 Art in motion

1:00 Centennial scavenger hunt

4:00 Centennial pub crawl

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