Story time with Bremerton’s own Toni Yuly


I had the pleasure of chatting with Toni Yuly about the completion of her first book series.  The trilogy,  also feature her original artwork inspired by a Japanese coaster that Toni picked up at our local St. Vinney’s.   Early Bird, the first to be released in the series, is an award winning book recognized by the American Library association and was also voted best board book by the New York Library.

Toni is a Seattle native who, like many, made Bremerton her home about 8 years ago.  When I asked her , why Bremerton?  I loved the response. ” I liked the vibe, the quieter pace,  it was cheap, cool and gritty….perfect for an artist”.  I agree!  In fact, she loved her new town so much when she first arrived that she made a series of t-shirts showcasing our notable landmarks such as, McGavin’s, Manette TV and the green hammerhead crane. She said that sometimes she still sees one of her t-shirts being worn at Hi-Lo’s.

Toni is a UW alumni where she studied fine art, she worked  33 years as a King County public librarian, and is now retired from that career to become a full time writer and artist. She also lived a year in Japan as an exchange student during high school, this experience  had a profound influence and has provided much inspiration in her art and life.

Her “torn paper ” art comes to life with her adds of eyes and ears.  This artwork can be found on cards that will be coming soon to the Bremerton Letter Press.

She will be celebrating “kids day” this coming Sunday, May 1, at MOMO,  located in the Japanesetown section of Jackson in Seattle from 1-3.  She will be celebrating kids day with book signings and a reading.

Toni will have two new books coming out next year. The first, the Jelly Bean Tree, stars a blue giraffe and her friends an elephant, wiener dog and a turtle.  The second,  Thank You Bees, a poetic story of gratefulness and connection to your natural surroundings is being released by Candlewick.

For more information on Toni Yuly please refer to the links below.




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