Boot-Camp Diva

As a women in my forties, I have with much disappointment,  come to the realization that  carrying a basket through Safeway or walking from the upper parking lot down the stairs to the Boat Shed , is not exercise.  I found myself searching for a place that I could, without judgement, get in some real exercise on a regular basis.  I discovered Carmel,  at Boot Camp Diva.

Carmel has created a safe and fun environment for women, of all shapes and sizes,  to get a thoughtfully planned workout.  Classes are offered at a variety of times throughout the week. She also offers some on-line workout options and uses social media for encouragement and group discussion.  Workouts are roughly 45 minutes long and are a mix of cardio and resistance training, with a hint of cross fit.  No need to feel intimidated when she introduces a new exercise,  she gently corrects and encourages you to push on.  She’s found a home downtown and created a fun and inviting studio space.  About once a quarter she hosts a challenge where you have the opportunity to ramp it up a notch, be part of a team and there is often a meal plan provided.

Boot camp has been a great addition to my week and helps to offset, a least a little, my regular glass of wine or the occasional sleeve of thin mints.

She is located downtown near Kitsap Bank and the post office.



Photo credit Elaine Turso Photography


One comment

  1. Kelly · March 17, 2016

    Great class and a wonderful workout!


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